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Welcome to the USS Lloyd Thomas Reunions website!

Here we can discuss past and future reunions and important issues facing Navy Veterans, especially those who served on the USS Lloyd Thomas.  And we can just have fun with it.

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Participate with Us!

If you haven’t noticed, we made a minor change to our top menu and added a page to explain the ways that shipmates can participate on our site.  We welcome all USS Lloyd Thomas shipmates to sign our guestbook,  to join our association and to leave comments when you have something to say.

The only thing our new page does – hopefully – is explain the differences between the forms you will encounter with each type of participation.  Of course, if I haven’t explained things sufficiently, you can always leave a comment and let me know!

It’s Time to Start Thinking about Phoenix!

Grant Smith has put together some information about the 2014 reunion in Phoenix, AZ, which follows:

A rough outline of Reunion events has been worked out. The Reunion will be held Monday, Oct. 20, through Thursday, Oct. 24.

Our headquarters will be the Embassy Suites in Tempe. Room rates will be $104 per night, and that includes made-to-order breakfasts, happy hour each day, free airport shuttle, and shuttle service to nearby sites. All rooms are 2-room suites. Rates are good from Oct. 17 to Oct. 26, if folks want to come early or stay late for trips to Grand Canyon up north or Tucson and Tombstone down south. The team will provide guidance on trips.

Monday – Check in and get reacquainted, grab a cold one and start swapping sea stories.

Tuesday – A grand tour of the Phoenix area. Sites they will see include, but are not limited to, Arizona State University, Camelback (above) Tovrea Castle and downtown Phoenix. We will hold a Memorial Service at Bolin Plaza. The service will be next to the USS Arizona and WWII Memorials. The Korean War and Vietnam Memorials are nearby. After a brief service, Jack’s grandson will play Taps. The State Capitol is across the street and contains a room on the USS Arizona among other historical things. I have investigated doing a tour of Chase Field, our ballpark with a retractable roof. If the Diamondbacks make the playoffs, which is possible, group tours will be cancelled. If they don’t, we may be able to set up something at the last minute.

Tuesday evening – Cowboy cookout on a bluff overlooking the Verde River at the Fort McDowell Reservation. Views to the east of a magnificent range called Four Peaks. To the west, the communities of Fountain Hills and Rio Verde and the McDowell Mountains, which are in my front yard.

Wednesday – We head into the mountains. Phoenix is at about 1,100 feet in elevation; we will visit Sedona which is at 4,300. Stops at Fort Verde, Army campaign headquarters in battles with the Apaches; Montezuma Castle, a prehistoric cliff dwelling; Sedona; and Jerome, site of one of biggest copper strikes that almost became a ghost town. Now a funky tourist attraction.

Thursday – Maybe a choice of two options. The Desert Botanical Garden or Pueblo Grande, prehistoric site of the culture that built the original irrigation system here. Then a stop in Downtown/Old Town Scottsdale where folks can stroll and shop.

Thursday evening – Banquet at the Embassy Suites.

We think this will be a great introduction to Arizona for folks who have not been here and will show those who have a side of Arizona they missed.

Grant Smith

Great Reunion in Gettysburg

We had a wonderful group in Gettysburg and a huge success for our reunion.  We will have more details soon. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, many excellent photos have been posted on the USS Lloyd Thomas facebook page, and many thanks to Cheryl Ragsdale for all her photos.  You need a facebook account to see the group page.  If you’re not already logged in, you will be taken to the log-in screen.  Once logged in, you will be taken directly to the group page.

Just to whet your appetite, here are a couple photos of the group at the Pennsylvania Memorial in the Gettysburg Battlefield. There were some attendees who didn’t make it into the group photo, but you’ll probably find photos of everybody on the facebook group page.

The following 2 photos link to large high resolution files primarily for downloading to your computer.

Group at PA Memorial in Gettysburg Battlefield

Group at PA Memorial in Gettysburg Battlefield

Group at PA Memorial in Gettysburg Battlefield
Group at PA Memorial in Gettysburg Battlefield