You may have noticed the in the URL bar of our site:

And you may have even noticed the “Not Secure” message if you have recently logged in:

Web browsers are now starting to warn visitors to all web sites that do not have a trusted organization’s security certificate by putting the in the URL box and sometimes the words “Not Secure.”

What is a security certificate? Basically, a security certificate is software that is installed on the web server to create a secure connection which does two things:

  1. It encrypts the data that is being transmitted, to prevent hackers from stealing or tampering with private information such as credit card numbers, passwords, names, addresses and emails
  2. It authenticates the identity of the website as trustworthy, which assures visitors that they’re on a legitimate site that has not been tampered with by hackers or identity thieves.

Our site does not currently have a security certificate. We do collect personal information such as your email address and phone number on our forms, but we do not collect credit card or other financial information. We strive to protect your personal information, but there are ways that hackers can intercept your data as long as we don’t have it encrypted with a security certificate.

We recommend that you never use a password in two different places. A password to one site should never be used to log into another site. By re-using passwords, you could be giving hackers access to sites that collect financial and other sensitive information.

Our current (March 2017) web hosting company, Lunarpages, charges two fees in order to provide a web site security certificate:

  1. The site must have a dedicated IP, for which they currently charge $59.40 per year;
  2. The security certificate, including installation, costs currently $109 per year;

Anybody who is willing to fund a security certificate for this site should contact USS Lloyd Thomas Reunions President Scott Sheffer.