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Photo Starting Month Starting Year Ending Month Ending Year First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix (if any)
March 21 1947 November 1948 James (Red) Ingham Cone
November 1948 July 1950 Andrew Douglas Jackson Jr.
July 1950 1951 Richard Joseph Dressling
1951 1952 William A. Rowan
1953 December 2 1955 Frank Lavon Bogart
December 2 1955 October 29 1957 Davis Cone
October 29 1957 February 14 1959 Clarence Miller Brooks Jr
February 14 1959 June 3 1960 Clarence Robert Beyer
June 3 1960 December 29 1961 Paul Louis Nuschke
December 29 1961 1962 Albert Van Acker
1963 1965 Richard Dolan Hertzig
1965 November 25 1966(Later RADM) Richard Earl Nicholson
November 25 1966 1969 William Henry Meanix Jr.
1969 1969 David Anthony
1969 1969 Merton A. Pearson
1969 1970 Leo Paul Brown
1971 October 12 1972 Edward Fell Jardine Jr.

One thought on “Commanding Officers of the USS Lloyd Thomas

  1. Several Commanding Officers are lacking a photo. It would be great if we could picture all of them. If anybody has a photo that is missing (for instance, in a Cruise Book) I would greatly appreciate receiving it in the form of a JPG image file. If you have a flatbed scanner and an email account, the job is very easy. If not, somebody you know surely has a scanner you can use – they might even be willing to email the file. These Cruise Books aren’t getting any newer, so we need to preserve the information that’s in them.

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