At the Pittsburgh Reunion meeting, a suggestion was made to put some information about Agent Orange on this website so that shipmates might educate themselves on the problems caused by Blue Water Navy veterans’ exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam years.

The VA’s current policy excludes Blue Water Navy veterans who served at that time, unless they had specific proof that they were either “boots on the ground,” or could prove that their ships had operated in rivers or bays.

Charles Yunker and other of our shipmates were successful in getting the Lloyd Thomas listed on the Brown Water Navy list for certain portions of her first West Pac Cruise. Shipmates from that time period will now be assumed to have presumptive exposure for a VA Agent Orange claim

Now we need your help by contacting your US Senator and Representative.

Voice your support for a VA determination of presumptive exposure for all military personnel who were in the Vietnam area of operations, or who took place in shipping, storing or loading of Agent Orange. The Agent Orange Equity Act of 2011 is a beginning in this effort, as it will clarify the law to make it easier for the VA to process Blue Water Navy veterans Agent Orange claims by extending presumptive coverage to them.


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