Help for victims of Agent Orange is being held up in the Senate

As you may or may not know, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2017 (HR 299) was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives in June by a vote of 382 to 0 and is now in the Senate awaiting further action by the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.  This bill is to restore “Presumptive” exposure to Agent Orange that was taken away from these Veterans by the V.A. in 2002.

There are two Senators, Mike Lee from Utah and Mike Enzi from Wyoming that have put a “HOLD’ on the bill.  If we can get them to lift the “HOLD”, HR 299 will proceed to the Senate for a vote.  Rumor has it that it will be passed by the Senate if given the chance.

Please email Senators Lee and Enzi requesting that they remove their “HOLD” on HR 299.  Google the Senators and use the “contact” page requesting that they remove the “HOLD”!  Identify yourself as a Veteran and a supporter of HR 299.  Use HR 299 Blue Water Veterans Act in the subject line.

Also call the Senators on Monday as well.  Please be respectful!  If you can only make one call, use the Washington phone number.  If you can call all of them, that would be great.  Call daily if at all possible. And share this information with anyone who wants to support our veterans.

Senator Mike Lee’s Phone Numbers:

  • 202-224-5444 – Washington
  • 801-524-5933 – Salt Lake City
  • 435-628-5514 – St George
  • 801-392-9633 – Ogden

Senator Mike Enzi’s Phone Numbers:

  • 202-224-3424 – Washington
  • 307-261-6572 – Casper
  • 307-772-2477 – Cheyenne
  • 307-527-9444 – Cody
  • 307-682-6268 – Gillette
  • 307-739-9507 – Jackson

If we can’t get the “HOLDS” lifted, HR 299 will die with the 115th Congress in January!  Please help!

A special “Thank you!” for bringing this information to our attention goes out to

Dennis L. Franklin
Vietnam Veteran 1965-1967
USS Topeka CLG8
USS Saint Paul CA73.