Highlights of San Antonio Reunion, 2019

The 2019 San Antonio Reunion of the USS Lloyd Thomas crews is now over.  Only the memories and photos remain of another good time spent together.  Telling stories of past days at sea, voyages, time in port of those days long ago.   Sharing family pictures, aches and pains of present day.

Even though the snow storms did not cooperate for departing from the northern states, all but one couple made it to San Antonio. The weather was warmer than up north, but still cool most of the time.  But a light jacket was not a problem.  Spring flowers were just starting to bloom.

We had a total of 47 different attendees throughout the entire reunion.  We had 24 shipmates with no 1st timers. We had nine special guests with us for our activities.

Sunday night we started the festivities with a Texan Style buffet of Enchiladas, Fajitas, Spanish Rice and Borracho Beans served in the Hospitality room.

Monday began our tour with the trip to flight line at Joint Base Lackland Air Force base.  This article appeared in the Airlift Wing’s web page.

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