Everybody is protected by copyright law. Almost every original written composition is copyrighted whether you declare it or not. Violation of copyright law can be very expensive, and so we all need to be aware of the way it works. The information that follows cannot be considered as legal advice; it is summarized here for clarification of where we stand.

  • Copyrights of the web site owners

    Images and written works created by or for the owners of this web site are

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    and cannot be reproduced or distributed without express permission.

  • Copyrights of the web site user (you)

    Any written works or images submitted or displayed on your behalf by this site will be considered as copyrighted by you. We are of course copying and displaying your work, but strictly for your purposes. We will not reproduce anything you submit for our own purposes without your express permission.

  • Copyrights of others

    If any written work or images are submitted to this site by any of our users without the proper ownership or permissions, it will be the sole reponsibility of the user to respond to any claims of copyright violations.

    When images or works from other sites are used by this web site, we will attempt to get express permission to use them. However, our usage of these works as links to those sites should fall under the “Fair Use” exceptions of the copyright law, and will benefit the copyright owners as much as or more than it will DD764.org.

    Section 107 of Title 17 of The United States Code, Circular 92 can be found here.

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