There are no dues to belong to our organization. If you sailed aboard the USS Lloyd Thomas DD/DDE 764, you have already paid your dues and are already a member of our family.

Administrative expenses are handled by donations from shipmates. The Association uses these donations to take care of postage for the reunion mailings, maintaining this website, and other expenses. The reunions are paid for by the reunion attendees, with any excess going to the treasury as donations. We do not hire a professional reunion coordinator; all of this work is done by shipmate volunteers.

We just need your details so that we can keep each other up to date. As we plan each reunion, we will email related information to you, and would hope that you would respond so that we can make each reunion memorable.

If you haven’t joined our group yet, you can do that by signing our Guest Book.

2 thoughts on “Membership

  1. I am trying to find a mate who went through boot at Bainbridge Md in Jan -Apr 1956. I talked to him at the Pittsburgh reunion and I can’t remember who that was. I have info about a patch for those who went there. He said I was the only one he knew that was there, and now people wouldn’t think he was crazy.

  2. Great Website, I attempted to swap with any ET in 1972 who didn’t want to go back to WestPac. But No takers. Steamed USS Keppler DD 765 to Turkey and we decommissioned her there.

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