Dedication of Paver Bricks at the National Museum of the Pacific War Fredericksburg, Texas

Our San Antonio reunion memorial service was held at the Admiral Nimitz Museum, the origin of the National Museum of the Pacific War, which has grown into a 6-acre complex dedicated to the memory of our heroes who fought in the Pacific arena.

After an invocation by the NMPW Chaplain, Nimitz Representative Larry Werts told us about the Nimitz Foundation and its goals in preserving the history of the Pacific War and Admiral Nimitz’s contribution to it.

In our part of the ceremony, we dedicated five bricks:

  • Mike Balog read the names for the persons that each brick was dedicated to, while
  • John Marvin chimed the bell for each name.
  • Ed Bender placed the brick for LTJG Lloyd Thomas.
  • Jack Summers, Bruce Winston and Bob Moore assisted the Vietnam Memorial family members in placing the bricks in memory of their loved ones.
  • Charles Yunker placed the brick in memory of those of the Ship’s Company who have passed on before us.
Bricks dedicated at the National Museum of the Pacific War, Fredericksburg, Texas

After the dedication, there was a benediction by the Chaplain, and “Taps” was played by the bugler.

After the ceremony, the bugler played “Anchors Aweigh”.

Thank you Sandy Knight for capturing the dedication on video and sharing it with us:


We received certificates for the bricks we dedicated, which you can view by clicking on the images below.  The certificates for Boor, Bullock and Nieboer went to their respective families.

Paver Certificate for LTJG Lloyd ThomasPaver Certificate for Ship's Company