Print of “USS Lloyd Thomas Taking on Fuel and Water” by Gene Klebe

Print of LT Painting
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Sizes available are:
10″ x 15”
15″ x 21″

This is a print of the painting of the USS Lloyd Thomas that hung in the ship’s wardroom.  The print has a 1″ border, which makes the paper size 2″ larger in each dimension.

Story Behind the Painting
Captain Jardine, the commander of the LT for her final cruise to Vietnam and subsequent decommissioning, joined us in Charleston for our 2012 reunion. He told us that he had been presented with the wardroom painting after the ship’s decommissioning, and was planning to obtain a copy of if for his shipmates. Before he could accomplish this, he passed away in January of 2013.
Further emails among shipmates brought a very interesting response from Robert Blake, and the interesting story of how that picture came to be, and how we found the artist’s name and were able to find copies of the painting for sale.
Read Blake’s response…


10″ x 15” $56.00
15" x 21" $62.00

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