Forever in our Hearts

September 11th, two thousand one
A day filled with terror and dread
When the Word Trade Center fell to the ground,
And our tears fell as we mourned our dead.
We didn’t suspect nor could we know
As we woke up and started our day
That ruthlessness, hatred, terror and doom
Without mercy would soon come our way.
A flash of flame, a shaking crash,
First one tower, then the other.
A cloud of dust and cries of woe
Enveloped each sister and brother.
Around the world the sound was heard
In terror and disbelief.
How could this be that terror could come
And steal away life like a thief?
Amidst the turmoil the sound of wings
Pierced the dark, gray sky,
As Angels came to save the living
And comfort those who would die.
Many would live to tell a story
Of strength and courage true,
Of rescue workers who risked their lives
To save a chosen few.
Not only New York, but Washington too
Would feel the terrorist’s blow.
Reports of the Pentagon being attacked
Made us quiver from head to toe.
Another report of yet a fourth plane
Crashing to the ground.
Its heroes had thwarted the terrorist’s plan
But no survivors were found.
Our hearts were aching with terrible pain
But above our Spirits flew,
For out of Evil, Good will come
Awakening courage anew.
Our leaders have vowed justice to bring
To a country mourning and hurt.
We will not allow terror to win,
And now we must be more alert.
We turn to our God Who feels our pain,
And our faith will overcome fear.
We ask Him for guidance as we try to restore
The freedoms that we hold so dear.
Our country has suffered great loss in the past
But brave soldiers have pulled us through,
Relying on faith and courage and prayer,
And we’ll overcome this attack too.
So tonight when you hit your knees to pray
Remember those who were lost,
And thank God we live in a country so great,
We’ll protect her whatever the cost.
Whenever we see Old Glory
And the song of freedom starts,
The memory of those lost will be
Forever in our hearts.

— Anne M. Eacret

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