Wilbur Lee, MM 1958-61

My father passed away at 3:19 this afternoon. He was an amazing Daddy and I loved him with all my heart. It’s a two edged sword, I will miss him forever, but glad he was able to pass so peacefully while I was right by his side.

For all that have texted, called and messaged me, thank you so much. My Dad wasn’t a Hooplah kind of man. He asked to be cremated, and thrown at sea, as he was a Navy man. The US Coast Guard will take his remains out to sea. We will not know when or where until after the fact. These were his wishes. We’re respecting those wishes. No graveside, no memorial, not Veteran memorial, no celebration of life. That was not him. My Dad just wanted to go peacefully and comfortably.

We respected his wishes. So thank you to everyone that spoke so wonderfully of who my Dad was. I’ll miss him every day of my life. Much love!!!

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